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You can find the maximum and minimum amount for the exchange in the direction you are interested in on the platform where you found our service (exchanger).
When creating the first application, an email was sent to you to confirm your email address. If you have not confirmed your address, the letters will not be received.
All exchanges are made by request only. If for any reason you sent funds to our details without creating an application, they will be returned to you minus the commission, if any.
You can find out the application number from a letter in the mail or at the second stage of the application.
The web pages of our site may not display correctly due to the fact that changes have been made to them, and your browser continues to use obsolete data from the cache. In such cases, we ask you to clear the cache and cookies so that all the functionality of our service works fully and error-free.
Quickly exchange mastercurrency at the best rate and the lowest fees with our mobile app or web platform.

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